Sunday, January 18, 2009

Miles Of Poetry

I would like to start by asking you a question, What comes to mind when you think about
poetry? Maybe you think of young child phrases or the overly done greeting cards you
pickup or recieve a few times a year. Well I would like to tell you how I view poetry. I think of it as a way of expressing who you are, That can be done in many ways when phrasing
words together it can contain such a message of how you feel "Example" I could say "I feel happy" or I could say "My heart is open as my feet move along the ground" Also not only writing poetry but understanding or interpetating is key. The words are important but knowing how to recieve the message that's there can be very moving and giving you the opportunity to relate.I'm not an expert at poetry but have been writng my own for 16years. To read my poetry, please click on the titles in the side bar below the LINKS menu.

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